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About Reel

Cinema as it should be

A night at the movies is never just a night at the movies.

You go to make-believe lands, scale heights you've never imagined, travel centuries back in time or be whisked into the future. Visiting places you never dreamt you'd visit and meeting people you've only ever read about. On the edge of your seat or sat right back in it. Laughing, crying, feeling utterly amazed or absolutely petrified.

At Reel Cinemas, you will experience all of this, and more, on the most impressive screens, with the most immersive sound, and in the comfiest seats around. Each of our seven locations across the UAE are unique. We have everything from luxury recliner seating to immersive Dolby acoustics and even a Dine-in Cinema - you can make your night at the movies anything you want.