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Reel Experiences

Your movie, the way you want to watch it

There's something for every lifestyle at Reel Cinemas. Our Platinum Suites are the height of luxury. Little ones will be right at home in Reel Junior. And if it's all about the action, we've got all the latest tech by Dolby Cinema.


The traditional cinema experience

When going to the movies is all that matters to you, our standard experience is all you need. There's your usual cinema seating closer to the screen, or comfier Standard Plus seats near the back, and you get a choice of classic cinema snacks to enjoy the movie with.

Make Yourself at Home!

Book Your Private Screening Event at Reel Cinemas.

Be the host of your own cinema event by treating your family and friends to a truly unique movie theatre experience when you book your private screening at Reel Cinemas. Why? Simply because Reel Cinemas have the very best cinema experiences in town, the best food and top-notch service standards!
So, if you're seeking the perfect space for an intimate private screening or a corporate team bonding event, Reel Cinemas has what it takes to cater to your needs.
For more details you can dial us at 97313118735

Platinum Suites

The world's most luxurious cinema experience

Give your trip to the movies the wow factor with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Relax in the pre-movie lounge where you can order food and drinks from a 5-star menu, then settle into your reclining leather seat, where you can call on your personal butler to bring you even more gourmet treats.


You deserve an experience that transports you to awe-inspiring new worlds and engages you senses and emotions to the next level.

IMAX with Laser – a groundbreaking laser projection and multi-channel sound system. Created to transport you into today’s biggest blockbusters, IMAX with Laser delivers crystal clear images and next generation precision sound creating IMAX’s most advanced theatre experience.

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